Tolmee (pronounced tol-me, in Greek τόλμη):
showing a willingness to take risks; confident and courageous.

Let Tolmee bring Greece closer to home, where ever you may be. Our mission is to offer unique products and promote Greek artists, entrepreneurs & dreamers. Browse our website and discover innovative graphic art and beautiful often handmade products direct from cool, hip Greek creators. 


Tolmee introduces our customers to the unique and delightful products created by today's talented Greek designers. Whether it's graphic art, accessories, games or jewelry, the wealth of Greek design crosses multiple categories & tastes. Our products are unexpected but familiar. We felt a connection to each artist we are introducing to you. Some designs made us smile, others made us nostalgic. But they all shared one thing in common; we wanted each of their products for ourselves!


Our love of Greece inspired us to create Tolmee. Over the years, we've traveled through the country and scoured social media, always intrigued by the multitude of talented designers and the unique products they create. We were inspired by our artists' ability to boldly pursue their dreams in an economic environment that's challenging, to say the least. Their talent needs support to flourish and the high quality products they create deserve to be introduced.


Let's face it, a lot goes into bringing Greece to your front door step. At Tolmee we focus on choosing the best artists and craftspeople to work with. ‘Best’ is an overused word with a powerful suggestion; ‘the best artists’ have the talent to create unique crafts, and the fire to be successful business people. They've decided that introducing their products to North America is the right business decision. And they’ve put their faith in us, and that means YOU too.

Here at Tolmee we commit to making it work. We'll handle the importing, duties, custom brokerage fees, bonds, international tracking, random longshoreman strikes and many other fees, paperwork and e-commerce leg work involved in bringing Greece closer to home. We'll apply our drive and our business experience to making it all work together, seamlessly. We’re striving to give you a smooth shopping experience. Our hope is you'll experience an everlasting joy supporting Greek artists and craftspeople, and you'll look good doing it too.

Together we'll be τόλμη!

 Sometimes playful, sometimes elegant...always bold -Tolme



Lisa Groeneveld  - I am a graduate of Northeastern University and an E-commerce veteran. Along with my husband, I founded an online retailer of industrial and embedded computers, Logic Supply. My latest start-up, Tolmee brings together two of my passions, E-commerce and entrepreneurship. I currently live in beautiful Vermont with my husband, Roland, and two kids.

Christos Gerontidis  - I am a graduate of Northeastern and Suffolk Universities. Over the years, my business consulting experience has exposed me to multiple industries and organizations, ranging from Healthcare to Financial Services. My venture with Tolmee came about from my love of Greece and my drive to promote it in anyway I can. I am a lifelong resident of the city of Boston, where I live with my wife Mirsini and our 8-yr old twins.