Ye-ah Hoop Earrings
Ye-ah Hoop Earrings
Ye-ah Hoop Earrings

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Ye-ah Hoop Earrings

Ye-ah collection inspired by Gaia. In Greek Mythology, Gaia is Mother Earth. 

Simple and elegant in its design, each piece in the Ye-ah collection is handcrafted using sand and precious metals. The sand is molded to create each form which is then highlighted with the shine of the precious metal used. These pieces are unique and the perfect addition to any outfit.


  • Sand & resin mixture
  • Brass plated with your choice of gold or rose gold
  • The stud is made of 925 silver and plated with corresponding metal choice selection (gold or rose gold)
  • Silicone earring backing
  • Earring length approximately 1.5 inches