We currently feature three Greek jewelry designers for you: Christina Skouloudi Design Studio, Gracious Greece and our newest addition: Thease

Christina Skouloudi Design Studio is not only inspired by nature but uses natural materials to create her jewelry: leather, wood, metal & natural dyes. “Sculpture for your wrist” is how we like to describe them. We hope you enjoy her collection.

Gracious Greece jewelry is inspired by the gracious and timeless beauty of Greece. Their pieces are sophisticated, eye-catching and will bring a bright splash of color to your wardrobe.

Thease Jewelry, whose name in ancient Greek means “a pile of sand”, is a company that uses sand to create its signature jewelry pieces. The manipulated sand maintains its texture and perfectly complements the smooth and shine of the gold, silver and rose gold.

We hope you will love each of these pieces as much as we do.