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One of our favorite seasons has arrived. Living in the Northeast, the arrival of Autumn heralds the beginning of a series of holidays, sights, sounds, festivities and events. From the simple joy of watching foliage transform into brilliant colors to the sweet taste of the first apple cider donut of the season. Yet this Fall, we along with the world, have to deal with a new set of norms and challenges brought to us by Covid-19.

A few weeks ago, we were enjoying a socially distanced visit from a few friends. While discussing our new reality and how each of us is dealing with it, they expressed their frustration that everything you hear or read about is what we can’t or shouldn’t do during these trying times. It is less common to hear what each of us CAN do to reinforce positivity and a sense of fulfillment in our lives.

That was the catalyst that allowed us to adjust our mentality and find creative opportunities to have fun and enjoy time with each other. We proactively approached each day and adjusted our actions to make a positive impact in one way or another. We wanted to share these experiences with you and inspire you or add to your arsenal of options to make the best of this wonderful season.


Meeting friends, dining in restaurants, attending a theater play, a concert or festival were just a few of the activities we have been deprived of over the last few months. Rather than dwell on that, we opted to take advantage of our social isolation to explore our community as much as we can. Blessed with beautiful weather, we took advantage of the great outdoors. Long walks around our neighborhood have become a twice daily ritual (our pup loves it!). During the evening or weekends we set out to visit the local parks, nature centers, zoos and gardens. It is absolutely beautiful and therapeutic being out in nature. It was nice to get out of the house, not feel confined and simply enjoy the fresh air, sights and sounds of the outdoors.


On rainy days we opted to exploit our creativity and enjoyed family time with the kids through various craft projects. We limited electronics and had weekly family game nights where the family enjoyed the whimsical games from My Greek Games. These games are grounded in learning all about the ancient Greek gods and mythology and gave eveyone's imagination room to soar.

Despite the limitations we all face, exploring new ways of entertainment has helped us bond with family more, used each excursion as a learning opportunity, limited our spending and enjoyed the multiple benefits of nature.

Challenge Yourself

Our family attempts to be as environmentally conscious as we can. Over the last few months, we challenged ourselves to find ways to reduce our footprint a bit more. We contemplate each purchase, limit plastics anyway we can and in general always strive to reduce, reuse and recycle. To see how we do that check out our blog post on 5 things we all can do to help our planet. Attempting to live as sustainable as we can, offers us an instant sense of gratification and accomplishment. Getting the kids involved is a great way to educate and cultivate their creativity as well.

At Tolmee, we are committed to offering you products that are created by hand, upcycled and sustainable. The new age designers we collaborate with illustrate that fashion can and should be sustainable.


These artists masterfully upcycle sails and repurpose plastic bags to create stylish and functional products. Others use natural materials, like sand to create simple and elegant jewelry.

Visit our sustainable collection to view their wonderful creations and when contemplating your next purchase, consider something that was made with planet's well being in mind. Feel good about the fact that your purchase IS impactful on so many levels.

Support Your Community

We, just like everyone, think twice about entering any store to shop for things that we might need. Our concern over safety has shifted most of our purchasing habits online. In doing so, consider supporting small businesses such as Tolmee.

Tolmee recognizes that small shops need support and opportunity to thrive which is why we, inturn, only work with small businesses. Above all, we strive to collaborate with designers that are socially, ethically and environmentally responsible and feel honored to bring these products to you. Browse our thoughtful gift guide for inspiring and one of a kind gift ideas.

 Be Bold. Be Kind. Be Tolmee

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