The Spring of 2020

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"Stop and listen. Nature is a great teacher. Live simply." - Takashi Amano

On April 22nd, we honored the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. A day to renew our commitment to this glorious place we call planet Earth. This year our celebrations were particularly poignant as they coincided with a global pandemic that has left many of us anxious and struggling. Challenging times indeed. 

Yet as we grapple with our current reality, one thing Tolmee readers share is a love of travel. We travel to eat, meet friends and family, experience new things, or we travel just to relax. Our travels may take us on a quick trip to the city, a beach, the mountains, or a far away place of our dreams. 

My travels a couple of years ago, brought me to the beautiful city of Lisbon, Portugal. Whilst there, we visited the city’s amazing oceanarium. One of the many wonderful exhibits at The Oceanario de Lisboa was created by aquarium designer Takashi Amano and musician Rodrigo Leao, titled “Forests Underwater”.

I am not one to be surprised easily, but as I was walking through this exhibit with my two kids, I was taken aback. I found myself in awe by the amazing beauty of the underwater forests Takashi and Leao so masterfully had presented. I had to sit down, my eyes watering, and comprehend the beauty that was presented in front of me. 

The Exhibit around me, presented me life. Life, like I had not seen it. It opened my eyes to realize that we are not alone on this amazing planet. We live together. Our well being is dependent on everyone’s well being and vice-versa.

During these challenging times, the little steps we take on a daily basis make a huge impact. Actions with empathy, love and compassion have helped me deal with and understand our current reality. As consumers we hold a lot of power. Purchasing products that are sustainably made is imperative in making a huge impact. At Tolmee, we are committed to offering you products from amazing artists. Products that are created by hand, upcycled and sustainable. We are proud to bring these products to you. 

When contemplating what to get for your loved one, whether it’s mom, dad or even yourself, consider something that you will not only love but also feel good knowing that it was made with mother earth’s well being in mind.

Be proud of your boldness



Our very own reality TV star: Salty Bag!

Since becoming part of the Tolmee family, Salty Bag has become a reality TV star! Featured on BRAVO's series below deck, Salty Bag is a sustainable fashion company that was founded in 2013 on the beautiful island of Corfu. The company creatively reuses decommissioned sails (yes, from sailboats) and masterfully handcrafts beautiful bags & totes.

Learn more about Salty Bag

Théla to the rescue!

Théla is an Athens based company that creates handbags and accessories using discarded plastic shopping bags. We asked the founder of Théla to share their story, their inspiration and how they do what they do. What we learned truly inspired us. We hope you find their story as inspirational as we did.

Learn more about Théla

Sculpture on your wrist

Athens is home to the artists at The Christina Skouloudi Design Studio who utilize sustainably sourced wood, natural materials and dyes to inspire and create. Steeped in age old techniques & traditional Greek tools, CSDS sculpts objects that feel familiar, warm and are simply beautiful. We hope you enjoy their collection.

Learn more about CSDS


The team behind 3QUARTERS, upcycle leftover awning fabrics used to shade Athenian balconies. They source all of their material locally and adhere to a policy of zero waste. Utilizing the fabrics they procure, they design bags that are utilitarian, stylish and reliable. 

Learn more about 3QUARTERS


We also want to take this opportunity to say how grateful and thankful we are to all the essential workers out there who are taking care of us. You epitomize what bold is and are true heroes!


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