You're Invited on our Virtual Trip to Greece

“Experience, travel – these are as education in themselves.” - Euripides

Much like everyone else, we at Tolmee have been in quarantine since Spring due to the Coronavirus. As a small business we continue to persevere. Now it’s summer, the ideal time of the year to visit our favorite destination, Greece. We get to unplug, see new places, and visit friends and family. It also gives us the chance to visit and catch-up with our vendors.

Instead of putting our travels on hold, we decided to use our imagination and share with you what our itinerary would have looked like this summer had we been able to travel. You are invited to join us on our virtual trip to Greece, share our experience and meet our extended Tolmee family. 

We land in Thessaloniki

Our hometown and a city steeped in 23 centuries of history. It is a beautiful day and we start in the city center at a popular meeting point; Aristotelous Square.

As we head toward the seaside promenade, we take in the endless water views, walk past countless restaurants and cafes and to our surprise we get to enjoy a full view of Mount Olympus in the distance. What better time to share a Greek coffee and delicious pastries with our friends Effie and Christos from My Greek Games


These two amazing Greek artists are committed to making family game night a very Greek affair by creating whimsical, bright and eco conscious games for children and children at heart.

You can find their creations in most bookstores in Greece, but save room in your luggage and head to Tolmee to see what brings out the kid in you.

Learn more about My Greek Games.


Ah Athens!

After spending a few days in delightful Thessaloniki, we start our trek to Athens, the birthplace of democracy and a favorite of the ancient gods. We wake up early to visit the amazing Acropolis before the heat sets in and continue walking through the lovely neighborhoods of Plaka, Monastiraki and head over to Psiri.

Psiri is a vibrant neighborhood in the heart of Athens that delights the senses. While we are here, we make it a point to stop in and say hello to John and Gary, the dynamic duo behind 3QUARTERS. These two brilliant artisans bring meaning to sustainable fashion by reusing leftover awning fabrics, used to shade Athenian balconies, to create super stylish bags that are utilitarian and reliable. Tolmee has a great selection of products for you. Learn more about 3QUARTERS.

The next few days are spent exploring glorious Athens. We enjoy visiting any of the countless museums, catching a live performance and of course indulging in delicious food. Our trip is far from over as no trip to Greece is complete without a visit to any of the Greek islands.

While we wait to board our flight at the Athens International Airport, we have a farewell cocktail with Jacqueline and Rafaela from T-Greeks.

We discovered T-Greeks at the airport a few years back and have been proud supporters of their products. Founded by the mother/daughter design duo who want you to keep the magic of Greek summer forever. Their products showcase the wonderful, perplex and unique Greek culture and you can choose the products that best does that for you at Tolmee!

Learn more about T-Greeks

Majestic Corfu

Our last stop is Corfu (also known as Kerkyra) a beautiful island nestled in the Ionian Sea. Unlike the white washed and Greek blue of the Cyclades, Corfu dawns clusters of colorful buildings representative of the Venetian period.

The island is all about the numbers. At 6,000 different plant and flower species, 4,000 olive trees and 120 beaches, you could stay here forever to take it all in. It's no wonder that Stratis was inspired to create Salty Bag here. 

We catch up with him over coffee and the discussion quickly becomes a recap of this island’s proud and deep history.


An artist in his own right, Stratis repurposes decommissioned polyester sailcloth to create an array of sleek products. Salty Bag was our most recent find and we could not be more excited to find an artist whose core values of sustainable fashion aligns so well with ours. If you don’t have time to visit Salty Bag, no worries, Tolmee has brought these fashionable products to you.

Learn more about Salty Bag.

Traveling to Greece is quite simply an amazing adventure. We have been fortunate enough to meet forward thinking designers, who like Tolmee, believe that fashion should be sustainable. These bold, modern-day artisans are taking their crafts to sophisticated new heights. We are proud to showcase their creations.

We hope our virtual trip provided you with a sense of escape and inspiration. There is no doubt that we will triumph over these uncertain times and will be able to travel again. For those of you who will be travelling, check out our posts on "10 Tips for International Family Travel" and how you can make "A Zero Waste Travel Kit" to assist and inspire you.

In closing, we thank you for your support. We are here because of you. Please continue to share our story and no matter what your escape will be this year, be safe and enjoy time with friends and family.

Be Kind. Be Bold. Be Tolmee.

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