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It’s that time of year again! The annual run-around to find the perfect gift. What to get? What to get for who? Will they like it? and so on...

Amidst the endless selection of mass produced products available, it’s hard to find a gift that is personal and thoughtful. We at Tolmee are proud to have partnered with small scale designers who lovingly handcraft their unique products. 

Browse our selection of fun toys, sustainable fashion accessories and handcrafted jewelry for inspiration and a gift, for anyone on your list, that will truly be one of a kind and a pleasure to receive.

For the little ones

Finding gifts for the little ones can truly be a challenge. Browse the toy aisle of any department store and all you see are highly commercialized and not very interesting toys. It seems that manufacturers are in competition to create the biggest and flashiest box with a hefty price to match. When my kids receive such gifts, all they do is rip them open and toss them aside. It seems like none of their contents are interesting enough for them. And I don't blame them. Kids deserve something unique as well; toys that challenge their growing minds are interactive and a great way for parents to spend a few hours with their kids. What's more, are toys are eco-friendly as they are made with recycled paper and non-toxic dyes. How cool is that?


The Nous mythology game features all the significant gods and heroes of ancient Greek mythology. From Zeus to Hercules, this classic game is a great introduction to Greek mythology for kids and adults. The 52 cardboard cards, have lively colorful, minimalistic drawings making them easy to remember and a joy to play with. No reading required to play! Recommended for ages 3+


What's the story behind Zeus and Europa? How did Hercules fight with the Nemean Lion? Was is easy for Theseus to kill the Minotaur? In this amazing paper cut series, you can construct your own puppet heroes and create your own stories! All you need is imagination, glue and a pair of scissors. Fun for kids developing motor skills and for adults looking to pass the time. Easy to make...Easy to handle...Fun to play! Recommended for ages 5+


For the gents

It can be tough finding a gift for the gentlemen in our lives. Most either have everything they need and don't care for much more.  We have a couple of things that are sure to make even the pickiest recipient happy.  Guys like what is practical, and what can be more practical than a carry-all card holder or a stylish catch all backpack! 


This leather card holder is designed to make your life easier. Its slim profile, minimalist design holds your cash, cards & ID's while fitting neatly in your pocket. It features one external card slot for easy access to the things you need when on the go! Handcrafted with 100% genuine naturally tanned leather.


James is a modern urban backpack – expandable, sturdy and waterproof. A fully padded laptop sleeve and a quick access internal pouch make it ideal for everyday use or a weekend away. Each backpack is handcrafted using upcycled materials.


For the ladies

For the ladies in our lives, you cannot go wrong with either a beautiful piece of jewelry or a fashionable bag! We have a selection of stunningly unique jewelry pieces that are handcrafted using the most unusual of elements: sand! We also recommend the stylish Flerry shoulder bag which is the perfect everyday bag for the lady who is always on the go but always wants to look good doing it!.


Simple and elegant in its design, each piece in this collection is handcrafted using sand and precious metals. The sand is molded to create each form which is then highlighted with the shine of the precious metal used. These pieces are unique and the perfect addition to any outfit.


Simple, spacious and stylish, the Flerry is the perfect all-day bag. Designed with one internal and two side pockets, it helps you keep things organised. Handmade in Athens using upcycled materials.

For the Host

This is the season for parties! We will either be attending, hosting or both. It's always good form not to show up at a party empty handed. Show your appreciation to your host for throwing a fabulous party by giving them a unique and thoughtful gift they will love! 


Penelope, the daughter of Icarius of Sparta and the nymph Periboea. She was wife of our hero, Odysseus. This beautiful wall piece hangs in my entryway. Anyone who comes through our doorway always compliments how lively and colorful it is and we love glancing at it as we go about our day. Makes for an awesome host gift!


We have the cutest keyholders available. Psari, which means fish in Greek, is a keyholder inspired by everything nautical. Handmade of leather with a metal ring, these keyholders while lightweight, are generous in size measuring six inches long. Choose any of our four vibrant colors and bring your host the cutest and most practical of gifts!


We hope our gift ideas have inspired you and made your shopping experience a little easier and whole lot more pleasant.

From our family to yours, enjoy the the holiday season and all that it brings!

the Tolmee team

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