5 Things We All Can Do to Help Our Planet

Over the last few months, quarantine and social distancing has forced us to look at new venues of entertainment and exploration. More often than not, our family has relied on the simple pleasures of a walk through a park to help us deal with the stress and uncertainty we currently face in our lives. It’s amazing how the simplest interaction with nature can bring us such feelings of calm, serenity and happiness. Whether it's a hike on a mountain trail, a walk on the beach, the colorful displays of a well tended garden or simply the feel of the sun against our skin, nature’s benefits are countless. Never did we appreciate it more than over the last few months! 

Our nature escapes, reinforced within us the need to contirbute whatever we can to help protect our planet. At Tolmee, many of the designers we collaborate with upcycle materials and create products that are functional, stylish, unique and illustrate that fashion can and should be sustainable. On a personal level, we also have to practice what we preach and share with you 5 simple ways we try to help Mother Earth on a daily basis.

Eat Less Meat

Tolmee Vegan Dinner
Whether it be for the countless benefits to the environment or to our health, reducing our meat consumption is a practice we as a family have more rigorously adopted. The Greek diet we adhere to has historically favored plant based foods. Coupled with the popularity of “meatless Monday” and vegan diets, it has never been easier to skip meat for a few meals a week. Check out our blog of recipes for some inspiration. We are constantly adding recipes that our families enjoy.

Reduce Food Waste

Reduce Food Waste
Most of us don’t realize how much food we throw away. Think of the food scraps left on a plate, those potatoes you forgot in the back of your pantry or even the take-out leftovers you just never got around to. That adds to a lot of wasted food, resources, money and time. Taking some time to think and plan your meals, the grocery shopping list and determining how much food is enough, goes a long way in reducing food waste. The U.S. E.P.A. has some wonderful tips on what we all can do to reduce food waste.

Embrace Slow Fashion

Tolmee Slow Fashion

Slow fashion, is a relatively new term and a mindset that few of us adhere to. Kat Collings, Editor in Chief at Who What Wear describes it as - “slow fashion is about consuming and creating fashion consciously and with integrity. It connects social and environmental awareness and responsibility with the pleasure of wearing beautiful, well-made, and lasting clothing”.

Our family did not fully understand the impact of fast fashion. Due to it's cheap cost, we purchased more clothing than we actually needed and shortly after, most of it ended up in thrift stores or in a landfill due to low quality. We have made great efforts to be thougtful and informed about our purchases and buy only what we need. The higher quality ensures much longer use than one or two seasons.

It is empowering to know that our purchases not only help sustainable designers and practices but also saves us money in the long term by reducing repeat purchases and waste. Check out our very own sustainable collection, handcrafted using upcycled materials from a new wave of innovative designers and become part of the slow fashion movement.

Ditch Plastic

Tolmee Discarded Plastics

It is great to continuously read about towns and cities banning plastic bags and straws. It is overwhelming when you realize how much plastic is in our everyday lives. Look around your kitchen, bathroom, kids school bag and toy chest...and even our clothing! Plastics have become a cheap alternative, a throw away item and the results are devastating to our natural world. 

When shopping at the grocery store, try avoiding foods that are needlessly wrapped in plastic (why is a potato shrink wrapped in plastic?) or use a bar soap instead of liquid soap that comes in a plastic bottle. For more ideas, check out our blog to learn how you can create a zero waste travel kit. Small changes do make an impact. You will be pleasantly surprised by the reduction of trash in your bin. The Audubon Society has a list of simple steps we all can take to reduce plastic waste.

At Tolmee, we are committed to minimizing plastics in our packaging. No bubble wrap or shrink wrap for us! All your purchases are cushioned in recycled wrapping paper and boxes. Ever wonder what an artist would make with plastic bags? Then check out how Thela contributes to plastic waste reduction through the awesome products they create.

Plant A Tree

Tree Seedlings

One of the simplest things one can do to help the planet is to plant a tree. A tree helps earth through its oxygen/carbon exchange and offers immediate benefits to the surrounding area and wildlife. There are numerous organizations that will give you seedlings to plant or you simply can plant an acorn in a corner of your yard and see natures magic happen.

This past spring, we started a project with our kids, where we each grew our own trees in pots with the intent of replanting them in our yard. It’s a fun and easy teaching opportunity for children to learn about nature, science, biology and the benefits that a graceful tree provides.

ANY small changes we make, DO have a large impact. There are infinite possibilities to be creative, live sustainably and help our planet. We are all in this together. We hope we inspired you to adopt one of these ideas. We'd love to hear your tips and suggestions so please share them in the comments below.

Be Bold. Be Kind. Be Tolmee.

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