Halloween Costume planning starts now, so beat the rush

If you think it's too early to start planning for Halloween costumes, then consider this a "Public Service Announcement" just for you! Thirty Seven percent of consumers intend to start shopping for Halloween before October. And 37% of consumers can't all be wrong.

5 Halloween Costume Creation Tips

With Halloween merchandise already in the store, it's not too early to think about the spookiest night of the year. Especially if you want to make your own costume. Tolmee's favorite style maven, Kyla, is a like a Swiss knife. She has lots of skills and talents, and costume making is on the list. Last year, she wrote this amazing blog post to help you make a costume. With such great information, we thought it'd be a pity not to re-share her post. So whether you're thinking about a Tinkerbell costume or a mermaid, find it in Kyla's helpful guide.

We hope you all have a safe, responsible and Bold Halloween!

And you can download this beautiful guide, for free, by clicking here


 Tips for costume creation including tinkerbell costume

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