Fun with Teenagers: DIY Petteia Game

Do you have some kids in your life?. Maybe you’re like us.  Maybe you’ve been successfully entertaining young kids for years. Maybe they’re your kids or nieces, nephews or friend's kids. It doesn’t matter whose kids because you’ve been thinking, “I got this!” Then one day the kids that were so fascinated by toy trains and blocks or baking cupcakes are teenagers.  Suddenly all the old tricks just don’t work anymore.

My daughter and son are those kids now.  She’s 13. She’s bright, creative and has a million things to do (Maybe we should hire her an administrative assistant?) He’s 11. He’s thoughtful, curious and has a line of friends standing at the front door (Maybe we should put up a velvet rope?) How can we grab their attention in a world full of wonderful activities and encourage them to spend a Sunday with us? We want to be interesting to them both and avoid “forced family fun”. So we pulled out the power tools and decided to make an ancient Greek board game. Check out our Petteia infographic for the process we followed.  And if you don’t want to use power tools you can always use scissors and card stock paper.

Petteia is an ancient Greek game stemming from the word for the ancient Greek word for pebbles. It was first mentioned around the time of Homer and from then onward it was a preferred game of skill and strategy.

Playing Petteia

Set up

Your board should have 64 squares and be 8x8 inches.

Each player should select their black or white pieces, each player gets 8 pieces

Place your 8 pieces in the squares closest to you.

The player with the highest dice roll goes first.


Put your dice away, you don’t need it for the rest of the game!

The goal of the game is to capture your opponent's pieces

Taking turns, each player moves a piece one square either vertically or horizontally

You can only move a piece into an empty space

To capture a piece, surround your opponent’s piece on two sides (either left and right, or top and bottom).

You can also capture multiple pieces! If your opponent has pieces lined up, try to surround those pieces on both sides. Then capture them all.

You can capture a piece in the corner when 2 pieces are placed across the corner. Effectively, you are trapping your opponent’s piece.
The long edges of the board cannot be used to capture pieces since 2 pieces are required to capture your opponent's pieces.
You can pass between 2 opponent’s stones without being captured if your opponent decides to make a different move.
Captured stones are removed from the board.

How to win

Have you captured all your opponent's pieces? Then you win!


Have you completely surrounded all your opponent's pieces so they can’t move them anywhere?  Then you win!


Best of luck entertaining those teenagers! We hope that this Petteia game will give you hours of family fun to come. 

Check out this handy infographic on how to make your own Petteia board! 

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