Fun Family Game Night with the Gods of Greek Mythology

It's Friday night, the popcorn is popped and you have a choice...binge watch Netflix or have family game night? If you are anything like our household, Friday night is pizza night, so some form of activity is the better choice. Looking through game options, we at Tolmee realized that while there may be endless choices in games, those choices become limited when you want to incorporate education and history. 

There should be no surprise that Tolmee found such games in Greece, a country considered to be the cradle of Western civilization and steeped in rich history. Our friends at My Greek Games are committed to making family game night entertaining and educational by creating fun games grounded in learning all about the ancient Greek gods and mythology. 

You may find it is hard to choose just one. After all, each one provides a rich experience of its own. 

Odyssey: A Snakes and Ladders Game

Odyssey is a board game that will take you to mythical places you haven't even dreamed of. With your fellow sailors you will get to taste magical fruits, dine with giant Cyclops, meet beautiful witches and visit enchanted places!

Odyssey: A Snakes and Ladders Game

Nous: A Memory Game

The Nous mythology game features all the significant gods and heroes of ancient Greek mythology. From Zeus to Hercules, this classic game is a great introduction to Greek mythology for kids and adults.

Greektures: Paper Hand Puppets

In this amazing paper cut-out series, you can construct your own puppet heroes and create your own stories! All you need is imagination, glue and a pair of scissors. Watch and help the little ones put together the puppets and let them put on a show for you and enjoy hours of creative entertainment!

Domi: A Dominos Game

Domi is an amusing picture recognition and number matching game for kids and adults based on dominoes. The 28 cardboard cards have lively, minimalistic, colorful sketches, featuring 7 of the most significant ancient Greek gods and heroes.

Amilia: Playing Cards

Amilla is the classic deck of playing cards depicting selected characters from Greek mythology. Every character in the deck represents a single card. Introduce your friends and children to the fascinating characters of Greek mythology.


My Greek Games is an ethical and responsible small company that creates whimsical, bright and eco-conscious games for children and children at heart. The artists of these creations say that these games are “Inspired by Ancient Gods and Played by Modern Heroes”. We at Tolmee agree and suggest backing away from the remote control and having some fun with the kids. Take the popcorn and head over to the dining room table with a selection of games that will make each family member a modern hero!

Puzzles, Puzzles, Puzzles! We Absolutely Love Puzzles!

At Tolmee we have something from everyone. If you have a puzzle lover to entertain, check out these puzzles. Puzzle Forever makes unique and colorful puzzles made from recycled paper using non-toxic coloring. Their puzzles will spark your child’s imagination by transporting them to fairy tale worlds of enchanted forests, soaring airplanes and mesmerizing oceans!

Knowing that the next kids' birthday party is never far away, stash away a few of these colorful games. It seems we're always looking for a last minute gift idea. Why not stock up and give away something truly unique while supporting small businesses focused on creating eco-conscious games for kids and kids at heart.

If you are looking for additional ways to entertain the family, check out our Fun and Budget Friendly Family Activity Ideas blog, our “how to” blog post on Bullet Journaling and our DYI tutorial on an ancient Greek board game, Petteia, perfect for teenagers. 

We hope you enjoyed our thoughts on how to entertain the restless ones in the family. Have fun, stretch your imagination and enjoy each day!

Be Bold. Be Kind. Be Tolmee.

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