Fall Color Guide (For People Who Prefer Black)

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Let me introduce myself, my name is Kyla and I work on the Tolmee team. If you have been following us on Facebook or Instagram you have probably seen some of my work. I love to make things look seamless and stylish, on an Instagram post or an outfit. However, sometimes that obsession can cause some frustration.

If you are like me, the idea of different seasons having a different color palette can be daunting. I much prefer to live my life in blacks, grays, browns, and if I am feeling really adventurous, navy blue. With these colors it is easy to achieve and put together look with minimal time. Though it is hard not feel stale and monotonous no matter how much time I save.

When I walk into off price department stores during the season change over I tend to get overwhelmed. The current styles and colors are screaming in my face and I can’t be sure if I like something because it is me, or if it is all my retinas can see. As much as I do enjoy having my finger on the pulse of the current fashions, I am not willing to replace my wardrobe every season. I am just a little too practical for that.

That’s why every fall I take a few minutes to look up Pantone’s colors for the season and think about how I can incorporate that into my already full closet. Again, with minimal time and money.

I know you value your time as much as I do so I created a pdf of what I came up with. I hope it can help you add some fall style to your own look.

If you have any additional questions about accessorizing your look for fall, or some tips of your own, feel free to reach out on Facebook or Instagram.  

Happy Styling!



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