Fall 2019 Jewelry Collection inspired by WhoWhatWear

Pour through fashion magazines, wander your favorite shops and browse the jewelry aisle. Looking for inspiration? Likely you’ll see bold statements in this season’s jewelry cases. Earrings will drip and drop, brushing crisp white collared shirts. Hoops will flaunt and jaunt in fantastical styles, usually in gold and oh-so carefree. Rings will reminisce about the moon and stars, they’ll be proudly celestial but not too derivative. And you’ll see pearls everywhere, everywhere.

Where Tolmee goes for fashion advice

Christo and I like what we like, but we have a healthy respect for trends and curate our collections carefully. Our Greek artists defy fast fashion with their focus on sustainable materials and small-scale handmade craft. At Tolmee, we treasure timelessness. Our Fall 2019 jewelry collection was inspired by the fashion mavens at WhoWhatWear. We appreciate their insight and they are our go-to fashion guide. Check out their post on this season's hottest trends.

Jewelry budget? Money can’t buy love.

2019 promises to be a wild jewelry fashion year! With budget busting baubles swaying on the runway and pursuing your fashion budget, where should you turn? Vogue helpfully suggests the season’s must-haves. Reading this list, I was enthralled. I picked my jaw up off the floor (so many benjamins!). I pulled myself together and remembered why I love our Greek artists so much! Vogue’s eye popping must-have pieces were spectacular, indeed! But where does that leave those of us with a more, shall I say...delicate budget.

Fashion within reach

Can our newest artist, A Future Perfect, and fan favorite Thease offer an alternative to Vogue’s must-haves? 

A Future Perfect

Award winning A Future Perfect is the brainchild of architects Katerina Grigoropoulou and Evi Sougkara located in Athens. Establishing a concept studio allowed Katerina and Evi to stretch their design wings across many categories, including home goods in which they won the prestigious A’Design Award in 2004.  Their Greek roots intersect with a keen eye for lines and shapes in their jewelry selection. What drew us to their unique earrings? I had to have the Amazon earrings for myself. Depicting a woman in profile with long aquiline nose and rendered in gold wire, it looks deceptively simple. One might even say "uh...I could have thought of that." But, obviously I didn't! Which is why I'm not an artist. I know it will be a conversation starter. 


Dimitri and Dimitri, co-founders of Thease, know something about bending unique materials to their aesthetic will. (This helpful video explains it all, but I hope you've brushed up on your Greek!) They’ve cleverly combined Greece’s most abundant resource, Sand, with brass to deliver gold, silver and rose-gold plated beauty. Christo says “they push the envelope with unique shapes that elevate lowly sand to another level. My wife likes how Thease’s pendant necklaces hug the edges of button down collared shirts. She layers them with jewelry box favorites for a evening look that kills.” Their workshop creates jewelry in small batches so if you like something on our site, grab it up.

Intrigued? Check our new arrivals Thease and A Future Perfect and get a jump on the holiday shopping season or treat yourself to something simple.

Be bold, be slow fashion, Be Tolmee


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