Evil Eye got you down? - Gracious Greece

We met the Gracious Greece team over skype and were immediately struck by their drive and desire to grow their business.  Paschali and his Sales Manager, Ben, have been bringing their art to museum gift shops all over Greece.  Their imaginative use of plexiglass, an unexpected material, seems to have no limit.

These plexiglass designs, from keychains to keyholders and wall art, are evocative of traditional Greek images, yet they feel new and unique.  Not your average, run of the mill Greek flag keychain....the keychains will be a conversation starter. We were surprised to see magnetic keyholders. We'll be testing the magnetic keyholders to see how much weight they can hold and we'll be sure to publish our results.

Gracious Greece's designs will discreetly hint at your heritage or frequent travels, while you stand back and let this plexiglass art speak for itself.


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