Bullet Journal 2020 | The Teenager edition

When in Greek Leather Travel Journal

At Tolmee we know that scheduling and high school kids don't always go together like peanut butter and jelly. In fact, we recently asked Tolmee fan favorite, Lily, what she finds most difficult about high school. She said, "Mom, if there's one thing I never forget when it comes to high school, it's that I'm always forgetting something!"

Ok, so what do we do about that?

Lily's own solution was obvious, Bullet Journals. yes, yes, yes....I happen to own a computer company. My own background is in IT, so my first thought was, 'Oh, paper! How quaint!" However, Lily pointed out that using her cell phone in class was not only rude, but also not prohibited.  Duly noted - Mother stands corrected.

Recently, she asked if Tolmee would like to post videos of her Bullet Journal creations for 2020. She offered to create, film and edit the videos. Was there a catch? Yes, Lily is switching to Travel Journals because she found buying regular hard bound journals expensive. She wanted a free When in Greece Leather Travel Journal, a free Mati T-Greeks pouch and Christos' unending admiration. I happily gave her all three. (Note to Christo: don't forget to admire Lily next time you see her.)

Kyla and Keely wrote a blog called Bullet Journal Basics. Their advice is simple and Lily's video is compelling. As you watch our video, if you'd like to skip the calligraphy, just go forward to minute 2:35. If you like our youtube page and visit often, you'll see our next video - Lily's monthly planner.

 Let us know what you think! Be bold...be Tolmee.




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