Funny, irreverent and unafraid - The Greek Imp

A warm welcome to our first artist, a graphic designer with a impish sense of humor, Effi G of The Greek Imp.  We were drawn to the studied irreverence in her designs. These are designs that don’t take themselves too seriously, but are carefully executed.  A conversation with Effi reveals a sharp mind and quick wit. She’s warm and fun and her work promises to be a regular in our product lineup. Effi in her own words from her site the

“Is it really that difficult to tame our fears? 

The Greek Imp decided that it’s not. It embraced the man-eater Minotaur, the one-eyed giant Cyclops, the fury of Medusa and the reviving heads of Hydra and guided them into the Greek summer. Hence, the monsters enjoy the sea and sun and forget their ferocious nature.

The Greek Imp kicked off in November 2012 merely because it was fed up with the Greek crisis. Graphic designers, engineers, scriptwriters, fashion designers, managers, cartoonists joined forces to create this new little creature with the loud voice. This year’s target was the mythical creatures and we are really scared to think what will follow.”

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