Greek Inspired Cheese Board


Back in early October, Tolmee hosted a launch party for our friends & supporters in Vermont and I was tasked in organizing it.

I LOVE planning parties so it really was a blast for me. When it came to food (the most important part of any party, in my opinion) I thought that a greek cheese board would be both classy and easy.

With the holiday season approaching, I thought that you all might also enjoy this easy and impressive Greek Inspired Cheese Board display! It is perfect for Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving, company parties, friend gatherings, Holiday parties, family events and more. It is also the perfect party platter for those of you who are following the Mediterranean diet, like me!

In my opinion, the best part about a cheese board is that it can be adjusted for taste. Add what you like, take out what you don’t. Just make sure there are a lot of colors, and be creative!  The quantities I have are for around 40 people though I am pretty generous with food and it could easily feed 50!

Grapes - I like red for the color but green also works. Just make sure they are seedless. About 1 pound will do. It doesn’t look like a lot but there are so many things on the board trust me it will be enough.

The Cheeses- We chose to use Vlahotiri Cheese and Kasseri Cheese that a greek friend brought up to Vermont from the Greek Markets in Boston. For our after dinner event, I made sure I had 1 oz of cheese per person. If you want more information on how much cheese to buy you can check out this guide that I used! If you want more information about Greek Cheeses, click this link.

Pita- extra bonus if you make it homemade. Here is a recipe from The Mediterranean Dish- One of my favorite food blogs. You can also use store bought. I prefer Joseph’s Pita Bread because it is very soft. But you can get just about anything.

Hummus - Again, bonus for homemade - here is another awesome recipe from Mediterranean Dish. Otherwise, store-bought hummus will work! I usually class mine up by mincing up a small amount of garlic, red pepper, cucumbers, and tomatoes for topping. As well as a generous amount of high-quality olive oil and cracked pepper.

Bread - I usually pick up some from the bakery or grocery store. Ciabatta, Italian, or peasant bread are tasty and versatile.

Olive oil & Balsamic- Bonus for quality olive oil and Balsamic from Greece but a nicer grocery store brand will also work.

Berries - Whatever is fresh, colorful, and on sale. I bought two small containers of berries and that was plenty for my cheese board.

Melon - I used cantaloupe with a melon baller for presentation but watermelon and honeydew in cubes would also look great!

Mozzarella - I like the pearls because they are adorable.

Peppers- I like the mini sweet peppers because they are really beautiful additions to a cheese board. You can also slice up large bell peppers.

Tomatoes- I like Cherry or Grape tomatoes because they are easy finger food.

Crackers- I usually pick up a variety pack.

Almonds- I went with the honey glazed which were a big hit but you could also do salted if that’s your jam!

Cured Meats- Our favorite is prosciutto but anything would work.


Cucumbers - I sliced these up thinly with the skins on for color.

Dried dates & Figs- You can find these in the nut aisle or pay by the pound section in your grocery store. They look very classy.

Radishes- A couple small radishes for color!

Dips: You may also consider making a dip or two to go along with your spread.  Here is a recipe for Tzakiki- a popular versatile greek dip that is great for veggies. I also made an easy spinach dip that was very popular!

I wrote up a handy shopping list to help you get started.  

If you try out our tips send us a photo and we can post it on our Instagram!


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